Forty Years of Mainely Men

MM 01

The First Mainely Men Gathering in 1982.

Mainely Men has been holding weekend gatherings since 1982. Through workshops, ritual, music, discussion groups, sharing of meals, sports, one-on-one conversations, films and lectures, men explore traditional and changing views of masculinity as well as other issues men face.

About 40–50 men attend Mainely Men weekends. Participants have ranged in age from 18 to the mid-80s.

We are sons, fathers, single, married, divorced, straight, bisexual, gay, and men of different racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds. We are accountants, carpenters, florists, administrators, musicians, students, retirees.

Men have come from as far away as Hungary to join us.

How is Mainely Men Run?

Mainely Men is a nonprofit organization that exists solely to present the Mainely Men Gathering twice a year.

  • Gatherings are planned, organized, and coordinated by a board of directors whose membership is comprised of men who have previously attended Mainely Men gatherings and volunteered to serve on the Board.
  • Mainely Men has no membership or dues, and all men are welcome to register for our gatherings. The board of directors reserves the right to limit attendance as needed.
  • Each gathering is led by a “pinky,” an attendee who has volunteered to serve as group leader for the weekend.
  • During the gathering, attendees present workshops and assume responsibility for chores, which include filling firewood boxes, tending the fire, helping the pinky organize the weekend, and cleaning the camp at the end of the weekend.

Reeling In the Years

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