Workshops at Mainely Men

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An integral part of the weekend at Mainely Men is semi-organized workshops run by one or more instructors. Instructors are men at the gathering who have a skill to share or idea that they want to discuss with other men. This gives like-minded men a chance to connect and learn in a safe and warm environment. Since the conference’s success depends on men taking risks and getting involved, men are encouraged to offer workshops on issues of interest to men.

Some workshops run for several days, others for a few hours.

Some are highly structured, others informal discussions.

Both formally in workshops and informally in cabins, on the porch or by the fire, men have many opportunities to share.

As men submit workshops for the upcoming gathering they are published in our Newsletter.

Hosting a Workshop

All workshops are led by MM participants and we encourage the involvement of any participant as a facilitator. If you would like to lead a workshop, please complete the form below. Be sure to provide a short description. If there is a workshop you would like to have offered, but don’t want to lead it, indicate that and we’ll see what we can do.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Get Involved with Mainely Men

Submitted workshop proposal will be forwarded to Mainely Men.

You can also get a printable workshop form that you may mail to us.

Affinity Groups

In addition to scheduled workshops, there are always opportunities to create affinity groups. Affinity groups are informal conversations on a particular topic like 12-step, male survivors of abuse, divorced dad issues, addiction, health related issues, etc. These informal discussions are arranged by posting a request on the Community Bulletin Board in the Main Lodge with the meeting’s subject, time and location.