Invite a Friend to Mainely MenSince some men want to have support in going to an all male weekend, we encourage you to invite a friend. Many men come to our conference with a friend. We want new men of all ages to experience the fun and genuine openness and freedom of being with other men without the masks and roles in our way.

After this conference, many men in closing circles attest to being afraid of other men before they came. By closing circle, they affirm a trust and appreciation for the diversity yet awareness of our similarities as we struggle to be a man in a society that tells us what we should be when we are not really that way.

Come enjoy the relaxation, the chance to meet other men of all ages from college students to seasoned professionals, from young to old, from urban to rural, from different races and backgrounds. Tell your friends. Step out of the stereotypes and into yourself. We who have come to make Mainely Men part of our lives welcome you to make it part of your life.

Mainely Men Men's Gathering