Mainely Men’s annual fall gathering is

Columbus Day Weekend.

Newcomers get 50% discount!


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Mainely Men has been holding weekend gatherings for men twice a year since 1981. Through meetings, workshops, ritual, music, discussion groups, food, sports, one-on-one conversations, films, shared work and lectures, we explore both traditional and changing views of masculinity as well as other issues we face as men.

We strive to provide a safe and open environment where we can tell our stories at levels that are not usually available to us in our daily lives. We develop trust and gain a stronger awareness of ourselves and others.

We welcome men of all ages 18 and over to celebrate our diversity as men and our uniqueness as individuals.

Come see why Mainely Men has been around for 35 years!




Mainely Men 70 October 7-10, 2016 Rudy Narvaez-Pinky

Mainely Men 70
October 7-10, 2016
Rudy Narvaez-Pinky


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